Sunday, May 19, 2019

Well... I said I would post art...

Well. I DID say I was going to post some art! So... Here it is! I know I've been slacking a lot recently, sorry about that, but I've been really busy. SO! Here yah are!

Oh? It's sideways!? Ah, I guess you'll have to deal...

WELP. This is a song by Hall & Oates called 'Camellia', so I drew 'Camellia' along with some of the lyrics.

So, this is the offspring of a drawing challenge. It was to take something multiple animals were doing, and then draw it with humans! I chose a picture of a fawn standing on a crocodile's back. The croc's mouth was open, and I achieved that, but I wasn't able to draw her on his shoulders like I had imagined. It just became too hard!

Aw! Lookie here, it's a dragon in a blanket! So cute!

For this one, I drew a song! Most people are confused, "Stanley, why does the girl have wings? And this has nothing to do with the movie The Greatest Showman!" Well, I didn't WANT it to be about The Greatest Showman, I wanted it to be about the meaning of the song! She has wings, because it's about a girl, though she is disabled, she dreams to fly!

ANNNND this one's just flat-out upside-down. Great job, phone! Well, I'm super proud of this one. The anatomy is actually really good! And the boots came out AMAZING! This isn't anyone in particular, just art.

I'm sorry this was such a small post, but I will post more if y'all want! If not, I may post the start of a new short story I'm working on! I may even get to post the whole thing, because I'm not planning on publishing it! I will do a second one this week for y'all because I missed a Saturday. Wait, did I miss more than ONE!?

Signing off!


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Chapter One: My Last Name is a Joke.

Chapter 1: My Last Name is a Joke.

Hello there. This lovely creature you see before you is me, Tyler Dutchess.
I was born and bitten a vampire, but if I had chosen, I would gladly pick
human over blood-sucking beast. You might say either vampires are dumb,
or that being a vampire would be awesome. Well, if you said ‘Vampires 
are dumb’ then I would undoubtedly agree. Well, they’re not dumb, more 
like terrifyingly powerful. And if you said, ‘Being a vampire would be
 awesome’, let me explain why you’re wrong.

The powers you would get are pretty worth it, you might say,
but there are five billion too many cons for me. First, you can fly,
but it’s not as easy as lifting off and whooshing around. The wings rip
themselves from your back whenever you want to fly; it's because to fly,
you sort of turn into a bat, sort of stay a vampire. It’s complicated. Also,
the vampire customs aren't fun either. Vampires leave their children to
fend for themselves once they turn eight, and we live in separate, warring

It’s super fun.

(And yes, there's more.) Vampires are not born vampires. They are bitten
when they are babies and most die from it. But this is a book, not me
complaining about everything coming my way. The actual ‘adventures’
started when my parents decided to put me into a sort of project called
‘Project Rockwood’. Basically, I was meant to live in a normal, human,
Vampire free town, and see if it would be worth it to attack people living

The school let every student know what the schedule was before class,
and boy, were they thorough! They made us start school a whole WEEK
early. The actual first day somehow ended up being the only exciting thing
that had happened this entire time.

The first day of school began, and I was sadly one of the teenagers at
Rockwood High. Brrrrinnnngggg!!! The bell rang and everybody jammed
themselves into their classrooms just as things were getting started.
I breathed in a sigh. Uhg, human scent.  I was starting to get hungry and
I quickly shoved the feeling back down. Not now stomach! There are too
many humans. The class I was taking was a simple history class that I
usually got C’s or B’s in. I wasn't too horribly terrible at human school.
Not that there are Vampire schools, of course.

Our teacher for history, Mr. Minnick, usually started with announcements.
“Good morning class! Today we are going to start off with some
announcements...” (See, I told you so.) He cleared his throat and put on
a pair of old-fashioned reading glasses, then picked up the announcement
sheet that Principal Vanport passes out to every teacher. “Tonight there
will be a ‘welcome to school’ party at…” He paused. “Ehm, at Vanport
Mansion, I believe.”

A girl with long, red hair and flashy green eyes raised her hand and
enthusiastically waved it around.

“Yes, Miss Vanport?” Mr. Minnick said.

The girl smiled at the class around her like they were her subjects. I was
already a little wary of her.

“Hello, fellow students. My name is Vallery.” Vallery spoke with an accent
so “fellow” sounded more like “fyellow” and “students” sounded more like
“shtyoodunts”. Her voice had a fake-ish ‘grin’ to it when she spoke.
“Some of you may know that my father is principal of this very school.”
An odd smile spread across her face. “I convinced my father to allow
everyone to our mansion for a party for… Em… Reasons.”

I could have sworn that she looked at me directly.

“I would like you all to know that the basement and upstairs are strictly
forbidden.” Vallery rolled her R’s quite smoothly. “Or, you will be banished
from the school.” She promptly sat back down.

“Uh, thank you for that, Miss Vanport,” Mr. Minnick rumbled, and
continued with announcements. I had no idea why Vallery had to
mention a handy dandy way to get expelled.

But I really didn’t like it.

Chapter 2: Parties Do Not Look Fun.

At this point I thought, Well, I’m not going. Well, it was a thing we had
to go to, but I have no ride. I am NOT risking being seen as a human/bat
hybrid flying over the city of Rockwood. I went to lunch but, being a
vampire, I kinda couldn't eat anything - ahem, anyone. I sat down on a
low wall next to the fountain in the courtyard. It was dedicated to a
charity I didn't recognize. Sitting alone was a sort of luxury.
Where my clan lives, everything is busy and no one gets breaks.
Hunting big game animals all the time every day is pretty hard.
Vampires need a lot of human blood, and when they can’t get it,
it means even more animal blood.

I admit I nearly snapped my human act when a girl sat down next to me.
I was so hungry. I knew who she was. She was a kind of extrovert-y girl
with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Her name was Sara, then she sat
down, looked at me and said, “Hey, aren't you that new kid? The one
that's supposed to have really pale skin? You don’t look that pale to me.”

OK, hold on. I have to explain something. When you are bitten, your skin
turns pale and your hair turns really dark. Not black, usually, but dark.
I don't know why, and I honestly don’t care. Oh, and also vampires do
not burn in sunlight. Just thought I should clear that up.

Anyway, I took what she said as a big compliment. A lot of the kids made
fun of me for having really pale skin and for ‘looking like a Vampire.’
Welp, they got one thing right. I am a Vampire.

“Oh, um, thanks,” I mumbled. “Aren’t you Sara?” I said in a louder voice.

“Oh yeah, thats me!” she exclaimed cheerily. “So… you going to the party
tonight? I heard it's at the principal's house.” Of course she just said this
to start a conversation, because all the teachers announced that it was at
the principal’s house, but I let it slide.

“Eh, no. My parents don’t think parties are worth wasting gas on, and
I don’t have a car.”

She tilted her head like she was about to say something, when none other
that Vallery Vanport interrupted her.

“I heard that someone doesn't want to come to my party. I don’t like
people who forbid themselves from hospitality.” Her eyes shimmered in a
very not nice way. “Oops.” She said in a monotone voice, and kicked my
ratty backpack into the fountain. The kids behind her forced a laugh. Sara
looked ready to bust her top. “He didn’t deserve that Val! Plus the only
reason he couldn't come is because his parents wont let him!” I kinda felt
bad. Obviously, Vallery was not convinced by Sara, and continued to be
a jerk.

“Heh, this boy seems like a fast runner, he could have just walked.”
Dang, why didn’t I think of that? And she was sorta right. I can run fast.
“What’s your name?” Her eyes pierced through me. At this point, I was
getting a little scared. She could make up an excuse in three seconds flat
to get me expelled.

“T-Tyler,” I managed to say.

“I’d better see you at the party,” Vallery hissed, “because getting caught
upstairs would do you no good.” And she strolled away.

I turned around to see Sara already drying off my fifty-year old textbooks
from my now drenched backpack.

“You, um, didn’t have to do that you know,” I said and started to help her
dry off some of my stuff. I know I said that, but in reality, I was grateful as

“Well…” Sara murmured.

“Well… what?” I prodded.

She laughed a little and scoffed, “I was going to say ‘Well what are 
friends for?’ or something goofy like that. Most people don’t like it when 
I see them as a friend.”

“Oh… I don’t mind.”


Oh crud, oh crud, oh crud. Great job Tyler! Make friends with your food! 
This is exactly what this entire project was for! As I picked up all my damp
 things, thanked Sara and turned around to leave. I am such an idiot! But I
 can’t let her get hurt now. That’s a thing friends do, I think.

A shout interrupted my thoughts.

“Tyler!” I turned around to see Sara running up to me. “You can ride with 
me if you like! I need a plus one.”

I did a double take. “Uh, that would be great, actually.”

She grinned. “Yay! Here’s my number, call ya later!”

And with that, I was friends with someone normal Vampires call, ‘a tasty 

(A side note for the viewer. Sorry for the odd text sizing and such. But, this is not a school-based story. Some people thought that and rejected it from the first read. Enjoy!)

The Rockwood Project Character Introduction!

Okay, I know this is going to be a small post, ANNND that it's kindasortaunnecessary...

But I'm going to make it, because I WANT TO. Mkay?

Welp, here we go!

Sara: Woah! Where am I... Wait... Mom's blog? WOO!

Tyler: Wait... I-I'm in a blog? Mom...?

Rust: This I like. 

Vallery: What is this place? Let me out I say! Let me out!

So! Here are the main characters! Introduce yourselves...

Tyler: H-h-hi. I'm the main character... I'm a vampire... The book is from my point of view... looks towards mother in panic

Sara: Hi, y'all! I'm one of the main character's too! I'm a human, the first person Ty meets, and I'm probably the best with socializing. small smile

Rust: Hello. I'm not in the story yet, though I am coming very soon. Seventh chapter, about? I speak with telepathic powers, because my English is bad. I am a Velscencroptr, a bat-human hybrid that cannot fly. 

Vallery: I am the main villain. I am a human. I despise all non-humans. In our world, they are called Dyr if not specified. glares at Tyler and Rust

On this post you can ask anything you want about my characters! What is their favorite animal... Favorite color... Anything! I'll post the first chapter right after, no worries!

See you then!


Monday, April 29, 2019

The Liebster Award... Times Two?


gnaws book in terror

I've been tagged.


And it's past the weekend, so I better post something.

Well, time for the challenge! If you don't know what this is, don't worry!

Rules! (Meant to be broken, in my opinion.)

Acknowledge the blog who gave you the love and grace for deciding to tag you. Thanks a million Dekreel and Nola!

2. Answer eleven *ahem* In this case, TWENTY-TWO questions given by the challengers.

3. Give eleven fact about yourself.

4. Nominate eleven blogs to do the same, and give them eleven questions. I'm going to skip the tagging part, but any of y'all could answer these questions, whenever you like!

Now! To begin with Dekreel...

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Probably that I can send my posts whenever, or wherever to all my followers and friends! And that I can share my art with the world!

2. What is your favorite space object? (Planet, satellite, star, etc.)


3. What kind of car do you want?

I'm not a huge car fan myself. I do like classics though...

An army jeep. That's what I want.

4. Cats or dogs? Why?

IKR? Why can't we choose BOTH?

Though seriously, cats. They are always interesting and funny, and dogs make me get anxiety attacks.

5. If you had any creature for a pet, fictional or non-fictional, what would you choose?

A toothy cow from the Wingfeather Saga.

They are my JAM.

6. If you were forced to listen to one song non-stop for twenty-four hours, which song would you pick?




7. Do you consider yourself more like ice, liquid water, or steam?

Steam. There when you need it, but can disappear without a trace. I can disappear in a relationship, conversation, party, or anything you can think of without usually being detected. People just... Forget I'm there, usually. But I always want to be there if someone needs me.

8. Crunchy cookies or chewy cookies? Why?

Neither. The kind that melts in your mouth with that soft icing on top, THAT'S what I dig.

9. What would your OC order at a restaurant?

Tyler: Do you have any... Bloody raw meat?

Filico: Plant food, by any chance?

Solomon: Do you have... Water?

Why did I choose my sons that DON'T EAT.

10. When you encounter a puddle, do you walk around it, walk through it, jump in it, or something else?

I don't walk.

I don't jump.

I stomp.

11. Do you think people should try to populate Mars?

If they want too, I guess. Just leave the untouched corners of the earth, untouched.

Now time for Nola's!

1. What would you consider your passion or gift is?

Writing, poetry, acting, singing, drawing... The Arts, in general.

2. What is your favorite instrument? (To play or to hear?)

My voice. I love to sing! But to hear, I would choose a violin.

3. Movies or TV shows?

TV shows. More depth. But it depends on what's playing.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

NIGHT. OWL. I HATE mornings.

5. What is your favorite school subject?

Biology! I really want to either work at a zoo, be a biology teacher, or become a zoologist!

6. One of your own characters (from writing, drawing, or just pure imagination) happens before your doorstep. He/she knocks on the door. You begin to open it as you see him/her. Who is the character, and what is he/she doing there?

L... Lacey?

Mom! I need your help!

Wh-what f-for?

I need a camera! Harper is arm wresting with Mack and I need to take a video!

*hugs character* Take me. I have a phone.

Allrighty, we're going. *walks off whilst dragging me behind her*

7. You have the choice to either bring in a character from your favorite game, book, or movie into this world, or put yourself into the world of your favorite game, book, or movie. You can't take anyone with you, though. What would you choose?

*grabs the unpublished version of my book The Rockwood Project and leaps through*

Well, if I would never be able to return...

*Tears Filico from his story and kerplunks him into a sofa*

8. Say you have the ability of a Silvertongue from the movie Inkheart - whatever you read out loud comes to pass in the real world. Which book would you choose, and what would you read out loud?

Arabian Nights. And I would read the tale of Aladdin. And probably some other tales no one knows about.

9. What is your favorite quote from a book, movie, or game?

This simple quote made me drop the book, grab a pencil and paper, and write it down before I did anything else. I could relate so much, and it made me very emotional. It's from the AMAZING book Willa of the Wood.

"I will." she said. Making herself scarce, as he called it, seemed to be the only thing she was good at.

10. Say you had to learn one method of self-defense and one method only. You couldn't use anything else if you were in a hostile situation. What method of self-defense would you choose to learn, use, and trust?

I detest any kind of intentionally painful violence, so I would learn to use Spiderman's web fluid. I could wrangle any dangerous persons without harm. And that would be fun.

11. Give the most random use for an empty box of tissue.

A court for insects. The kind where you sue people.

So... On to the facts! I can't believe I wrote all that down...

1. I sometimes use my dad's shampoo because I'm lazy.

2. I write songs, share them with no one, and never connect any sort of instrument with them.

3. I have three cats and a snake. The cats are named Skippy (short for Skippy John Jones), Willow, and Harriet, and the snake is named Charabiss.

4. I have three internet names. Stanley, Julie, and CatClack. None of which are my real name.

5. I would wear capes every day if they weren't considered weird.

6. I've never broken a bone, nor sprained anything.

7. I love to sing. And listen to music. That does not mean I am not cripplingly uncultured in the music world.

8. I hate all sports. I've tried basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, marksmanship, bowling, gymnastics and archery. The only one I liked was archery. (I don't mind gymnastics, but I would never take a class ever again.) And I do not understand why people watch it, that's even weirder.

9. I am obsessed with 'apocalypse' type things. Don't know why...

10. I collect the old versions of these toys called Littlest Pet Shop (LPS), because they are cute and don't judge me because you do something weird, too.

11. I LOOOOVE reading. I check out an average of seven books per library visit.

Well, I'm done with the facts! Now you know how weird I am.

(Actually, that was just the tip of the iceberg. You couldn't explain my weirdness if you tried.)

Also, sorry for the late blog post. And the sudden background change.

Now for the questions!

1. What would you do if your meal jumped to life screaming 'MURDERER!'?

2. If aliens stole all of your milk, what would you do?

3. Say someone TP's your house, covers your car in post-it-notes, eggs your mailbox, and leaves a note saying... 'In your face, loser.'. How do you exact revenge?

4. What is your favorite combination of colors?

5. You are forced to wear one color for the rest of the month. What is that color?

6. You get framed for pranking the principal. (Oohh, jam covering the inside of his car? That's got to hurt...) How do you stand up to the jerk who just blamed you?

7. Time yourself. Create a whole story in one minute. Please, elaborate.

8. How do you wind down after a rough day?

9. What is your honest reaction to seeing a roach in your bed?

10. What is your reaction to waking up with a lizard under the blankets with you. While your cat is trying to kill it. (This happened to me. Don't ask...)

11. Quick! Call the police! The strangest thing happened, they might not believe you... What just happened to make you call the police?



I can't believe I'm done with that.


It's late. I need some shut-eye.

Well, that's it, folks! Have a blessed day!

See you next time!


Friday, April 19, 2019


You are going to need some survival tips, if your wanting to venture into my blog. It's dangerous to speak with nerds, you know.

1. I am a nerd. A huge nerd. Not something specific like a Trekkie or a Phan or anything like that, but I'm a nerd. Know that.

2. I am an artist an writer. An intense one. OK, that sounds weird, by intense I mean some of my writing content has a small tendency to either be slightly violent... Or be very emotional.

3. I have a habit of rabbit trailing and rambling, so that's a thing you need to know.

4. Also I'm a naturalist and a optimist. Though sometimes it's hard to root that out, you might notice it in future stories or something.

5. God is an essential part of my life, and if you are willing to give up following this blog forever and never look at it again if I talk about God... Then too bad. That's your choice.

6. If you are looking forward to new chapters in a story, hon you might need to wait a bit.

7. I do not have a set schedule for posting, but I may try every weekend or so. It depends, I'm a busy gal, what can I say.

8. And the MOST ESSENTIAL survival tip of all, I've never made an official blog before, so take it easy on me, alright? You said you would? Aw, thanks.

And since that is over with, let's start!


I'm not quite sure where to start.

Well, I can share some of my writing, for sure. Or maybe some art? I have no idea...

Wait! I think I might have something!

I'll list a few stories, give some examples of them all, and you folks down in the comments can choose which story you would like to be posted on best! (I'll post one chapter at a time, if that's okay.)

My main stories I can suggest are:

In The Night, a story about three young friends, Jasper, Josephine, and Everly, who get thrust into an adventure when they meet Filico, a young boy of a nearly unheard of species that is partially plant. Filico's plant is the fern. An ancient and powerful warrior queen raises from the past to take her place at the throne, can they stop her?

The Rockwood Project, a story in which a Vampire named Tyler is forced by his clan to live amongst humans as an experiment. He befriends a girl named Sara Ripley, and unintentionally becomes enemies to the daughter of the principal, Vallery Vanport. Vallery tries to hunt down and kill them both, in an attempt to become like her late uncle, who was a Vampire hunter. They soon befriend a Velscencroptr named Rust, and she joins the team. (A Velscencroptr is a bat-human hybrid who cannot fly.) They learn about a woman who may be able to heal Tyler and Rust from being monsters, but can they find her? And is she even still alive?

Princess School?, sixteen year-old Harper is forced to attend to an etiquette school by her parents. For a whole year? Ridiculous! She is surprised when her old friend Lacy joins her, and off they go. Soon enough, they meet the prince and princess who were attending along side them, Mackenzie the prince isn't as nice as they thought. Can Harper discover the secret hidden inside the castle? Will Mack become her friend, or enemy? And will she find a little romance along the way?

The Epic of Dechanti, in a desperate attempt to take the throne, Ferdinand lies to the people about his older twin sister, Dechanti. He steals the people's hearts, and banishes his sister to the moon. Dechanti is told by a lunar spirit to send her enchanted knife towards the planet Lilith, and one day a hero will take it, and defeat her brother. At least, that's what legend says. Four friends, Aerith, Pyralis, Iseult, and Dagen want to prove that the legends are true, with every ounce of their might. A secret is discovered about Aerith, will she become the hero Lilith needs? Or will Dechanti, rightful heir to the throne of Xxercis, stay trapped on the moon forever?

WHEW. That took some time! Well, tell me what you thought in the comments, can't wait to hear it!

See you later!