Behind the Blogger Tag!

Hello my friends! Today someone has clipped another tag onto my jacket, and it's been dreadfully hard to remove. ~angrily tugs at paper attached to jacket~ Hmm, it looks like it says... Behind the Blogger...? Well, anyhow, it'll make a good post! ~Rules~ 1. Thank the person who tagged you! Thank you, Emily! Go on over and say hi to her at The Ink Stained Desk! 2. Answer the questions. No problemo. 3. Say howdy to the dandy little friend that created this tag. Ellyn of Allonsythornraxx! 4.  Nominate 5 or more BlogBesties to accompany you in being tagged! Not sure if I can do that, BUT I SHALT TRY! ~Questions~ 1. Why did you start blogging, and why have you kept blogging? Mostly because every single web page that talks about writing says having a blog is a must-have. And I figured it'd be fun! It's been interesting so far, but IDK. It feels great being able to share with the world. 2. What is your favorite type of blog post to write? Gosh, go

Interview With Dekreel!

A while back, Dekreel asked to interview me, so, I also interviewed her! So, I am proud to present... Dekreel, from the crazy-amazing blog of... Inky RambleBeast! My words will be Italicized and hers will be boldfaced. CatClack: Dogs or cats? (IN MY OPINION, IT'S 'OR') Dekreel: No contest,  cats. Dogs scare me.   CatClack: Favorite kind of tree? (It doesn't have to be species, just the general types of trees that are the best.) Dekreel: I don't really think about trees that often, so I'm not sure. I like trees whose leaves are within arm's reach because it gives the place a sort of wild feel, and they're easier to photograph. But I also like tall trees because they give sort of a majestic feel. In conclusion, any tree that looks cool is my jam.  CatClack: Fav Fandom?   Dekree l:   YOUTUBE ANIMATION!!!  *fireworks explode in background* TheOdd1sOut *BANG*, Alan Becker *BANG*, Let Me Explain Studios *BANG*, Jaiden Animatiooon

The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

Okay, so, today I'm gonna address something kinda serious. Well, less serious, but still something that should be noted, at the very least. The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. Everywriter has stumbled across at least one in their time. And, hah, you can't get away with a 'Writer's Sin'. They show. And oh boy, they alter your story big time. (Not gonna point fingers, but lookin' at you, Story Thieves and Warrior Cats .) But, a lot of times, people don't even know that they are committing one of the many Writer's Sins. Many of my good friends have, in fact, fallen to these great beasts. But, no matter, I will address them today. 1. Lust Okay, this one I actually had a hard time with. Lust is when you have a romance, that you influence a little too well. Sexual behavior with characters, even after marriage, is a BIG no-no. And I had a little trouble understand what was too far. I know now, so, don't worry. 2. Gluttony Now, now, I'm n

Short Stories with Big Meanings

Okay, I'm not super big on short stories. My short stories are SUPER long. Like, a small book. I like detail and traveling deep into the story's universe. Not, blah blah blah, the end. But, The Aetherlight Forums (ALF) community has created an online newspaper for the forum's residents. So, I signed up for the short story, since I didn't have time to be the comics artist last time, which I usually am. So, I made a small and meaningful story called The Boy and The Bear . It's a metaphor, but I'll leave you guys to comment on what the metaphor was about. ~The Boy And The Bear~ Once there was a teenage boy who was accompanied by a bear.  The bear was always with him, no matter where he went.  The bear always gave the boy what he really needed, and kept him away from what he wanted.  The boy didn’t like the bear much. The bear would protect the boy, and the boy would complain.  The bear would talk to him when he was sad, but the boy just pitched a f

The Imaginary Assistant Tag! Feat: My Cat Harriet

So, hey! Two posts in a row in one day! WOW!Really crankin' out the tunes! ~Rules~ 1. Thank the person who tagged you! THANK YOU EMILYYYYYYYYYYYY 2. Link back to the creator of this wonderifulous tag: Dino's Digest 3. Tag five to ten bloggers to create their very own imaginary assistant friends! Yeah, I'mma be skippin' that... I AM SORRY I AM LAZY. 4. Answer the following questions so your imaginary assistant will be as accurate as possible. But thanks to the Author Assistant Agency! 1. What type of creature/species would you like your assistant to be (human, animal, dragon, dinosaur, figment of your imagination, etc.) I would like them to be... Hrmrmrmrm.... A DracoCat! A cat with horns and wings! Plus a dragon tail... 2. What do you want your assistant to look like?   I want them to have grey tabby fur, redish horns, red, spiky, leathery wings and a red scorpion tail. With big, forest-green eyes! (And tufts of black fur at the end of their ears.)

Sage Advice! ~yes I was tagged~

So, I was tagged for something actually really cool! A challenge thing called 'Sage Advice'. I am going to thank the person who tagged me. Thanks a billion, Dekreel! Here are the rules! (Also I am SO SORRY for not making posts sooner. I'm pretty busy IRL, and a lot of stuff is happening at the moment.) 1. Thank the blogger who tagged you, if any. 2. Share ten pieces of 'Sage Advice' you have deemed necessary over the years from your own experience. 3. Tag (at least) four bloggers to share some of their own advice! 4. Have fun with it, and make sure you don't post something no one understands. Okay, so I'm not someone who writes down the 'lessons' they have learned from life. I just subconsciously remember to avoid specific types of situations. BUT, I do write a mean verse, so let's go! 1. If you have anxiety, don't shove yourself into unnecessary situations. This is very self-explanatory. I have done this thinking it will help

Writer's Words: Into the Mind of An Artist

~sneaks into library to snatch cookie and slink away~ Augh! You caught me! ~guiltily crams cookie down piehole~ Yeah, I'm really sorry guys. I had two different camps, my sister got pretty badly injured, life stuff, a sleepover, and the Fourth in my way of posting. But I did have time to do this before. And I'm sorry. Well, sorry or not, I have things to post and words to say, so if your too busy angrily huffing about me not posting early enough, too bad. If you read the title, you'll know that this here post is going to be about writing. It's going to be about MY writing and my path through Writerhood. It all started around three to four years ago. I was fed up with my art skills. The only thing I wanted in the world up to that point was to make amazing, breathtaking art. It didn't even need to be that good. I wanted something that would be emotionally stupefying. Something that would change someone's life for the better. I wanted to make it m